MY Jewellery incorporates a wide variety of materials ranging from Sterling Silver to Gold and Silver Plate, Alloys, Brass, Leather, Suede, Satin, Silk and Cotton, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones.

With our Gold and Silver Plated items and pieces which are hand-strung on Natural Cotton it is important to avoid contact with water, detergents, soap, body cream / oil and perfume and hairspray. We advise you to remove items prior to bathing, showering, exercising, washing-up and even when washing hands.

Cotton cord and threads will shrink or fade upon contact with water.

Plated items may occasionally be polished if necessary with a soft cloth but not using cloths which contain silver or any other polish of any description.

It is best that jewellery be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place in the gauze bag we supply. Please store pieces separately so they don’t scratch.

Please contact us at for any further advice or information on caring for your beautiful MY Jewellery

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